Participant Testimonials

Through ID2D, I gleaned new insights in how to calculate risks and discovered a new appreciation for the complexity of design innovation – gaining new skills to approach invention.

The biggest takeaway from the ID2D program was learning about the remarkable bio innovations such as insulin, NOACs and cardio genomics. I was fascinated to see how science translates from the bench into real practice.

Learning about “team science” was a major highlight from the ID2D program – understanding people’s roles and relationships that are so foundational to driving the needle towards integration and implementing into real practice.

The ID2D program set the stage to develop the right technology, build the right team, collaborate effectively and implement innovative digital health applications while integrating these ideas into my work.

To make a true impact, innovation needs to include strong partnerships from discovery to delivery. This was reinforced during the ID2D program where I met people who are passionate about innovation and who inspired me to apply all the concepts I learned to challenge the status-quo.