Approach Overview

OBI is dedicated to bringing together the best thought-leaders from academia, industry, and medicine in order to carry out our mission. Traditionally, these three sectors have been siloed, with limited cross-talk between them. While we recognize that each sector serves different functions, we believe that individuals and groups in each of them have enormous amounts of expertise to bring to the table when tackling coronary heart disease. We are committed to creating avenues for discussion (such as our Phenotype Phorum) along with multidisciplinary collaboration and partnerships, in order to be in the best position to carry out our mission. It is our hope that this style of inclusion, data-sharing, and open-channel discussion will serve as a model for future endeavors in solving similarly-sized problems.

We recognize that all stakeholders in healthcare—whether it be patients, physicians, hospital staff, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, researchers, policy-makers, or more—have a role to play in One Brave Idea, and we are constantly seeking outside-the-box perspectives in ways that keep us nimble and innovative.